Sjøsamisk Tun

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Sjøsamisk Tun - Coastal Sami Settlement

Sjøsamisk Tun is located in Smørfjord, a little village on the western side of the Porsanger fjord. The approx. 100 inhabitants belong mostly to the coastal Sami people. You find Smørfjord along the E69, about 7 km. from Russenes on the road towards the North Cape. Smørfjord has had a Sami settlement for ages and one can find cultural remains dating back to the Stone Age. 

Sjøsamisk Tun was built up by local enthusiasts and was officially opened in 2004. It is a reconstruction of a traditional coastal Sami settlement as one could find it in around 1900. On the site you can see buildings constructed out of turf and also a boat house with traditional boats etc. In the kiosk we have local products and some souvenirs and refreshments. In connection with Sjøsamisk Tun, you can also follow a well marked path which leads through the village and into the landscape around it, giving you a good impression of the Arctic nature. 

Aside from welcoming tourists as visitors, Sjøsamisk Tun is also a meeting place for the local people and for everyone who is interested in learning more about the local history, customs and traditions.


Sjøsamisk Tun, Smørfjord, 9713 Russenes